Signet’s Packaging Solutions Help Byron Bay Crackers  

By introducing Signet’s Newswrap Sheets, Byron Bay Crackers has eliminated transit damages, increased supply chain efficiency and improved brand perception. 

The coastal town of Byron Bay is the headquarters of artisan cracker business Byron Bay Crackers. Beginning with a Danish recipe for Knaekbroed in 2017, Sarah McGrory’s take on the traditional crisp bread is now an award-winning product sold across Australia. Her range of four cracker varieties is today sold to retailers, food service outlets, wholesale distributors and through the business’s eCommerce store.   

It didn’t take long for word to spread about the new crackers and orders from local restaurants, cafés and retailers began to pile in. But as business ramped up, the team quickly discovered that its fragile product required a tough void fill solution for extra protection during transit to more distant locations.   

“We learned fast when some of our first orders arrived damaged and broken. As a startup business, we didn’t have the resources to afford an expensive solution.” 

Sarah turned to Signet to find an economical void fill solution. After a successful trial of Newswrap Sheets, the product soon became a staple in the packaging process for every Byron Bay Crackers order. 

“Since implementing Newswrap Sheets our products always arrive in perfect condition, we have eliminated breakages and customer feedback has improved.” 

Newswrap Sheets are a cost-effective and eco-friendly void fill solution.

Made from 30% recycled materials, this product is ideal for protecting light and fragile items during transit, to help your items arrive in perfect condition. Along with Newswrap Sheets, Byron Bay Crackers also use Signet Gloves in the production process for hygiene and safety purposes, Shipping Cartons to transport their goods and Tape to seal their cartons.  


“We’ve been using Signet since day dot. The online ordering process is so easy, products arrive quickly and its convenient to order from the one supplier. It helps us continue running and growing our small business!” 

To learn more about Signet’s eCommerce Packaging Range, call 13 7446, email, or Live Chat at Signet is proud to support Byron Bay Crackers and over 60,000 other Aussie ventures.  

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