Our Crackers

Our AWARD WINNING crackers are about to make your favourite cheeses, dips and platters taste even better.

At byron bay crackers, our seeded crackers are handmade in small batches. We carefully roll and cut each cracker before baking them in the oven to toasty perfection. We guess that makes them artisan crackers!
Australian Food Awards Bronze Medal 2019

Wooden board with cheese, crackers, deli items

How will you eat your byron bay crackers? Here are some serving ideas:

  • eat them naked (clothing optional) for an anytime savoury snack. Just don’t leave any crumbs!
  • perfect your platter with a selection of our cracker varieties
  • stack your crackers with cheese, rilettes, salumi and paté
  • take a dip into hummus, baked camembert or guacamole
  • spread liberally with peanut butter or choc-hazelnut spread for something decadent